The best software for web design in 2020


A good website is essential for a brand’s online presence and reputation. It is often the first look clients get when they want to partner with a brand and can make or break the brand’s future with the new client. The Internet provides people with a swift way to gather information and learn more, making websites even more important for brands, no matter what sector they belong in. A professional and impressive website with a clean look will quickly help your audience understand more about you. Even for individuals, websites often provide a great advantage for higher exposure. If you are a web designer or you hope to become one, choosing the right software for the process is essential.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Like most other Adobe software, the Dreamweaver is also used by professionals. Even if you only have a minimum knowledge of programming, you can code stunning websites directly in this software. A perk that it provides is the ability to make responsive websites that will be optimised for both PCs and mobile devices. The Dreamweaver CC also gives you multi-monitor support and also includes support for Git so you can edit your source code from within the software.


WordPress is a wonderful option for anyone with even zero knowledge in web designing. It is incredibly easy to set up your website and have it out in the world in just a few minutes using WordPress. They provide you with many free templates or even Premium ones that you can download and use quickly. Customisation is also possible by the use of the drag-and-drop functions.


If you are only starting out in the world of web designing, this might be an excellent software to opt for. Wix requires no coding, but you can build your website using the numerous tools provided by the platform. Using its various features, you can edit and customise your videos and animations and include links to your social media. There are even options to increase the speed and performance of your website.


This software is pretty easy to set up and use. It mainly uses HTML but also supports Java, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, etc. It has a text-only interface with precise toolbars and lots of customisations. It is available for free and has search and replace functions which will let you look for texts in different projects.


Squarespace is similar to WordPress and Wix and lets you build your website using drag-and-drop features. You can even create an online store and heavily customise it when you use Squarespace.




Summing Up

There are different kinds of software and applications available for anyone who wants to build their own website. While coding knowledge is an added advantage while creating websites, it is not always essential. One can easily make a website using an online website builder and customise it according to their desire.

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