Infographics are where data and design meet to tell a visual story that’s engaging and easy to digest. When executed properly—with both design and marketing in mind—infographics are extremely powerful in driving consumer messaging by conveying your core brand message to your target audience.

As a visual marketing tool, infographics are excellent for branding, building quality backlinks to your web properties, and generating site traffic. Brands that add infographics to their content marketing strategy have reported an average increase of 12% in web traffic as a direct result of their visual marketing efforts.

The massive popularity of infographics in the digital age stems from people’s inherent craving for visual content. By presenting your content in the form of an infographic, you add an element of storytelling that is nearly impossible to achieve with plain text.

Whether you need to transfer knowledge, instructions, an article, or represent pure data, there is not a single more impactful way to do it than through visuals. With visual content, you now have a powerful marketing piece that will reach a larger audience, see higher engagement, and drive more traffic to help you reach your goals.