Branding and visual identity are the first and most important factors to consider when you’re starting out as a new company, or rebranding your already-established company. This is the first line of communication with your audience, so it’s imperative that your visual identity is crafted with your core message and goals in mind.

For brands who are looking to be competitive and make their mark within a specific space, but also want to stand out from the crowd, it is crucial to find a balance between being similar and being unique.

It is important to apply best practices, while also infusing your own twist of creativity and originality that will make you stand out from the others. Your audience will subconsciously utilize previous brand association to instantly form a general understanding of your product or service.

Using subtle elements (colors, fonts, imagery, etc.) that are indicative of your industry’s “space” will also help to convey your core message. The key is to form a cohesive visual identity and implement it across all of your brand efforts.