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A Different Touch To Corporate Gifts

Giving corporate gifts has become essential for any company to show their gratitude and appreciation. Corporate gifts help in creating bonding between the employees and the company. Moreover, corporate gifts are distributed as part of a company’s public relations strategy.

How To Choose different Corporate Gifts:

When a company decides to give corporate gifts, it is essential to finalize on budget. As few companies would prefer gifting only their customers while few would like to thank their suppliers as well. While choosing for customers and suppliers it is important to add creativity in corporate gifts. Customers usually prefer a personalized or unique gift rather than the usual gifting options.

These will definitely increase the client’s bonding with companies. As a long term relationship clients would prefer a personal gift while a new client would prefer an official gift. Therefore companies should identify the right gift for the right customers as any wrong choice might backfire.

Customized Creative Corporate Gifts:

As mentioned it is essential to do unusual corporate gifts which will add a personal touch. Usually, clients prefer such individual attention and would help in strengthening the professional relationship. There are various creative corporate gifting ideas which a company could choose from depending on their budget and relationship with clients. Liquor and wine are always in the favourite list and to add more creativity companies can gift the wine bottle along with personalized wine coolers.

Apart from regular food items, companies prefer to gift useful office related items. Desk blotters and pen sets are definitely a wise option for creative corporate gift. Other creative stationery items like highlighter sets, promotional notebooks and customized notepads also are great gifting options. When the relationship with a client is strong, companies can gift through live entertainment such as fringe activities. These creative gifts will definitely add personal touch and improve client bonding. A regular gift and think card with personal notes also makes a decent gifting option. Other options include backpacks, sports bag, bag holders, and corporate water bottles and customised key holders. These gifts can be personalised by printing the company logo. Also for a techie client, USB drives, power banks with speakers, key holders with pen drives and key holders with amplifiers can be opted. 

New Way To Give Corporate Gift:

Recently companies are trying to show their social responsibility through gifting. Another creative way of giving corporate gifts is donations. Companies are donating in the name of their clients to NGOs and other charities. The client would receive a receipt from the NGO thanking them for the contribution made. This new way of gifting has proved to increase bonding and establish a relationship with their clients.


Corporate Gifts:

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Gifting through Live Entertainment such as Fringe Activities:

Corporate Gifts fringe activities

Interactive Fringe Activities Ideas for Upcoming Events

Interactive Fringe Activities! You can never go without them. Balloon sculpting or balloon modeling is one of the most popular and interesting fringe activities conducted at events and parties. So it is the art of twisting and turning balloons into any shape.

For instance, they can create a variety of models and characters for entertaining guests of any age group. From crazy hats to animals, swords to crossbows- you name it, and they make it!

One of the most commonly requested shapes by fans is balloon animals. Hence, the best part is you can create your own theme for the overall look of the balloons!

Interactive Fringe Activities: Types of design styles

A wide assortment of colorful balloons in different sizes is a pre-requisite. The sizes commonly used are 1×60 inches and 2×60 inches. Extra-stretchy rubber balloons are used for balloon sculpting.

Equipment required for balloon sculpting

A wide assortment of colorful balloons in different sizes is a pre-requisite. For example, the sizes commonly used are 1×60 inches and 2×60 inches. Such as the extra-stretchy rubber balloons are used for balloon sculpting.


For many years twisters would blow the balloons themselves with their mouths. But with the availability of low-cost inflation devices, their lungs are getting the rest they deserve.

Different varieties of pumps are available in the market. You can choose from hand pumps, electric or battery-operated models.

Spruce up the entertainment with balloon sculpting 

Age is not a factor when it comes to balloon sculpting. It is enjoyed equally by the young as well as by the young at hearts.

Balloon sculpting can breathe life into any party or event. It is crucial to have balloons as it plays a major role in engaging your guests during your Interactive Fringe Activities.

1. Birthday parties
Watch the excitement on the child's face as he sees the Twister transform a balloon into a dog or a monkey.

What’s a birthday party without colorful balloons! Elevate the fun quotient of your child’s birthday party by hiring the services of a balloon artist.

Watch the excitement on the child’s face as he sees the Twister transform a balloon into a dog or a monkey.

2. Conferences
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Balloon sculpting is also a good idea for a corporate conference. It is a great way to get publicity for your brand without coming across as too pushy.

Thanks to the screen printing process, you can print company logos and product design on balloons. You can use these customized balloons and let the balloon benders turn them into unique shapes that will captivate the attention of the people. Interactive Fringe Activities works best for corporate themed parties as everybody is there so socialise and learn information.

 3. Dinner parties

If you are looking for Interactive Fringe Activities to engage family members at your next dinner party, balloon sculpting may be the thing you are looking for.

It is a great conversation starter and can take the awkwardness out of any dinner party. The balloon artist can entertain the audience by sculpting the balloon into any shape your guest’s wish for right in front of them.

4. Carnivals

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If you are hosting a carnival, then a balloon sculpting booth must be included along with other Interactive Fringe Activities.

The balloon sculpture will serve as a fun souvenir for the child to remember the great time he had at the carnival.


Whether you are 8 or 80, everyone loves balloons! Balloon sculpting is enjoyed by all and adds a ‘wow’ factor to any party! So many exciting models can be created out of the humble balloon. Therefore this is one activity that is sure to elevate a boring party into a memorable one.

To add on

Offer your guests some corporate quality gifts to elevate your fringe activity experience! Show your guests that you care and that you appreciate their presence.


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